We have a wide selection of standard indicator lamps for Control Panels.

All have a common choice of lenses in 6 colours: amber, red, green, blue, clear & white.

Housings/bezels for 19, 22.5, 26.5 & 30.5mm diameter panel holes in chromed brass or plastic.

All (except neon units) can accept filament, LED4 or LED7 cluster LED bulbs.

All bodies screw to the housing. click here for housing range.

Bodies accommodate MES (E10) bulb caps as standard with the alt option of MBC (BA9s) bulb caps.


TMU -Transformer indicator. 

A low voltage bulb is supplied from the ac control voltage via a transformer. When a filament bulb is used its life can be increased by up to 4 times.

Standard supply voltages (ac only): 24V, 100/120V, 220/240V & 400/440V

Standard bulb voltage: filament - 6V 1.8W or LED cluster 4.5Vac Supply Frequency 50/60Hz

MTMU - Multi-test indicator for ac supply.

A transformer lamp as above with the addition of a circuit to enable group testing of lamps from a single pushbutton switch with the panel fully operating.

Standard supply voltages (ac only): 24V, 100/120V, 220/240V

Standard bulb voltage: 6V, LED cluster 4.5Vac

DTMU  - Multi-test indicator for dc supplies.

A direct voltage lamp with a circuit to enable off-line testing of a group of lamps from a single pushbutton switch. DC supply voltages: 6,12, 24, 28, 50, 60V Bulb voltages: as supply.

LMU - Direct Voltage indicator.

A simple direct voltage lamp holder suitable for filament lamps, LEDs or neons.

Supplies: AC or DC

NBMU - NGMU - NWMU - Neon indicators.

Fitted with blocking resistors to eliminate pick-up. Colours: neon, green, blue respectively.

AC Supply Voltages: 110V, 240V, 400/440V

 IRMU - RMU - Indicator Lamps for DC Supply

Suitable for DC supplies up to 130V. The bodies can carry filament lamps or LEDs.

F-Series - Flashing Indicators

A range of lamps suitable for ac or dc supplies, filament bulbs or LEDs (LEDs must be dc for all supplies).They come either with a fixed flashing frequency (1 Hz), or flashing/steady.

Supplies: 24, 50, 110, 240, 440Vac or 24Vdc.

LED Mimic - SEMMU- Semaphore gate open/closed indication in red/green.

Supplies: 24, 110, 240Vac or 24, 110Vdc

LMURGY - Three way gate indication in red, green, yellow.

ROLMU-ROTMU24Vac rotation indicator with 8 LED's around a central one clockwise or anticlockwise motion.

Supplies: 24, 110, 240, 440Vac or 24Vdc

For Housing & Lenses for all above products click here

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